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The real reason you're waking up in at 2am

Nope, it’s not normal to wake up at 2am... even to pee!

Let's talk about what's really waking you up.

Sleeping through the night is a sign of healthy cortisol levels and balanced blood sugar. These 2 are essential for balanced hormones ⚖️

This means that imbalanced cortisol and blood sugar are waking you up... not your bladder.

Why is this happening?

Well, your liver is working its hardest between 1-3 am to detoxify the body. If your liver is sluggish from an accumulation of toxins, your body will need more energy for detoxification. This process will impact your nervous system and wake you up.

Your liver health is connected to your cortisol levels. The release of cortisol causes the liver to release glucose (aka sugar).

Constant cortisol output = constant blood sugar rises and drops. This causes blood sugar dysregulation.

With your diet... having a salad for dinner, low carb eating, skipping breakfast, or under eating will cause blood sugar/cortisol imbalances. Imbalances with these will cause cortisol and blood sugar to increase in the evening and then drop in your sleep. Your body wakes you up to raise your blood sugar.

Balanced hormones means your body feels safe enough to PRIORITIZE digestion, sex hormones, liver health, & adrenal function.

If your body is struggling to balance your blood sugar & constantly produce cortisol…

This will show up in your sleep cycle, along with other places, because blood sugar is much deeper than just food.

If you...

- feel tired but wired at night

- feel irritable easily

- have a history of dieting/cutting carbs

- have PMS, PCOS or irregular cycles

- have no hunger in the morning

...Then it's time to focus on balancing blood sugar and cortisol levels.

For balanced blood sugar and preventing cortisol from rising when it doesn't need to:

- eat carbs at night: yes, you can and you should!

- eat breakfast in the morning

- eat every 3ish hours

- make protein the star of your meal

- focus on nervous system regulation

Your body is always communicating with you 🗣️

Are you listening?

If you're ready to learn how to create safety in the body through nutrition and nervous system regulation, apply to work with me here!


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