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5 things all my private clients do to naturally balance hormones

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Your health and hormones look & feel different when you decide to go all in.

The women I work with are committed to showing up for themselves - and don’t quit when things get difficult… because healing takes time. The symptoms that come to the surface were forming below the surface for years.

Here are 5 things all my private clients do to NATURALLY balance hormones:

1) They make bio-available protein a priority. They learn that liver support, digestion, blood sugar, and progesterone levels all require adequate protein intake.

2) They treat their health as an investment. Ultimately, they DECIDE and COMMIT to playing the long game with their health. This is the real health game changer right here!

3) Daily adrenal cocktails. Replenishing minerals depleted when the body is under stress is key for hormone health and stable energy levels. Remember that minerals are like the spark plugs for our hormones! All my clients love to geek out on minerals because they literally impact every part of our health!

4) They cut back on supplements. Yup, you read that correctly. We focus on the actual hormone health foundations that can't be found in a bottle. I've worked with so many women who've spent insane amounts of money on supplements! But what I'll tell you (that a lot of other coaches won't) is that you don't need 15 different supplements a day! When your body is working for you, it unlocks everything in your life!

5) They focus on the mind-body connection. They're willing to work through their limiting beliefs, food fears, and slowing down because these impact the state of your nervous system, which impacts the state of your hormones. This is why we place such a huge focus on the nervous system. You could be doing all of the healthy things, but if your body is stuck in fight or flight - your hormones can't heal.

When you commit to a root cause approach, that's when you will actually start to FEEL the difference, instead of trying 15 different quick fixes you saw on YouTube or saw an influencer talking about.

That's when you DECIDE that you’re done with bloating, living off coffee to function, being tired but wired at night, and miserable PMS.

See, hormonal imbalances are never just about hormones themselves. They're about your body lacking the safety and tools needed for detoxification, digestion, adrenal health, thyroid function, etc. Metabolic dysfunction is at the core of hormonal imbalances. What is metabolic dysfunction? Simply put - your body doesn't feel safe.

Imagine regular and predictable cycles. No cancelling plans because your cramps are so bad you want to stay in bed. Going out to dinner and not thinking about all the foods you CAN'T order because your bloating will be so bad. Instead, enjoying parties, holidays, and weekend get-togethers without having to unbutton your jeans and not worrying about your gut health. Clear focus at work and fully present with your loved ones. Most importantly, feeling so confident in your body, nutrition, and not wasting your precious energy Googling "what do eat for bloat" or "how can I balance my hormones for good".

And yes girl, all of the above possible! I see it happen daily with my clients!

If you're ready to go all in on your health for balanced hormones, increase your energy naturally, and let go of miserable PMS symptoms, click here to apply for coaching and see if we're a good fit!


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