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3 reasons your hormone healing efforts aren't working

What’s worse than imbalanced hormones?

Working your a$$ off to heal them…but not seeing + feeling any kind of change!

If you’re wondering “wtf am I doing wrong”, it’s not about wrong or right…

you’re NOT looking into the deeper dysfunction with your body like thyroid, liver, digestive, & metabolic issues.

Enough with the guessing and going in circles.

If you’re here, you’re probably ready to heal! So let’s actually DO the long term work together so all your efforts can start to create change.

Here are 3 potential reasons your hormone healing efforts aren't working:

1) You're living off chickpeas and almond butter.

Not all protein is created equal. You need animal protein - this is what bio-available protein means. It doesn't matter if your chickpea salad has 15g of protein. The QUALITY of your protein will determine your hormone health, energy, and detoxification of your liver. For your liver to detox excess estrogen, along with the hundreds of other functions it does, you need to eat enough bio-available protein.

Cholesterol gets a bad rap... but your body uses cholesterol to make pregnenolone. Pregnenolone then gets coverted to progesterone. Progesterone is crucial to keep excess estrogen in check, supporting your thyroid, helping you sleep through the night, and keeping your libido spicy.

2) You've been popping random supplements.

You bought a "hormone balancing" supplement from your fave influencer... and now you're taking 20 different supplements a day!

Even taking the right supplements at the wrong time during your hormone healing journey will serve NO purpose if they aren't used in conjunction with the right lifestyle, nutrition, and nervous system shifts.

Nutrients and minerals work synergistically. So taking just a B complex or and vitamin D pill, won't serve a purpose if they don't have their supporting minerals and nutrients. Not to mention making sure your metabolic systems are functioning. Don't forget that your metabolism determines your body's ability to take nutrients and convert them into energy to fuel your cells.

3) You can't slow down

You say you want to slow down but there's just always something to do, right? Everything feels URGENT, and no matter how much you get done, you're only thinking about what you haven't done.

The constant rise in cortisol from your jam packed schedule and inability to rest is burning out your adrenals. Cortisol is secreted by the adrenals. Your cortisol levels control your blood sugar, energy, blood pressure, the immune system and the inflammatory response.

Plus, digestion and detoxification REQUIRE a rest and digest state - the parasympathetic state.

If you're ready for a more empowered solution to hormone healing and want to learn the hormone balancing + nutrition foundations I teach my 1:1 clients, join my Hormone Basics Bootcamp masterclass! Presale is going down right now!!!


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