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Finding Jess was a gift. I had my first session with her hours before I was supposed to go get my 3rd IUD in and get prescribed medication for my hormones. The IUD’s we my doctors solution for my hormone imbalances since  I was a teenager. I never got regular periods and have ovarian cysts which I was told the only way to manage is more birth control and that a lot of women have it and it’s common to not worry about it. 


After my first call with Jess I felt a huge relief that she could offer me a natural way of balancing my hormones and I cancelled my appointment with my doctor immediately. With following her recommended adjustments in my daily routine and eating habits, I got menstrual cycles all on time for 3 months in a row, I couldn’t believe it! 


I also was having crazy cravings before working with Jess which led to lots of binge eating. Turns out I just wasn’t giving my body what it needed and when I started to eat fruits and natural sugars that my body was needing all my cravings just stopped. I wish I knew about Jess in my teens so I wouldn’t have to be repairing damage from birth control. Highly recommend Jess to anyone wanting to heal their body naturally and learn to listen to what their body needs and trust it.

- Elyssa

I discovered Jessica on My Girl Wellness when she talked about hormone/metabolism balance. I thought she was very knowledgeable and stalked her Instagram. Jessica's IG has so many tips and tools and information.  

I reached out and worked with her. Jessica is not only super sweet, but listens and our plan felt very individualized to my body & needs. She provided me with changing up a few things that seemed so simple, but made a huge difference. 

My bloating has reduced so much and she taught me how to listen to my body's cues. I have learned a lot in the time working with Jessica that I will continue the changes into my daily routine!!

- Emily M.

I did not know how much I needed to work with someone until my first phone call with Jess. From that moment on she has been such a reservoir of knowledge, compassion & love.

I can tell her anything and she is ready and able to help. From working with Jess I have learned so much about my nervous system and how to start living in the PNS instead of the SNS. I have even discovered so much about myself! 

I highly recommend working with Jess! She is full of love (even the tough love), wisdom and genuinely cares about you. 

- Sarah D.

Jessica is such a humble, super insightful and supportive person. I absolutely enjoyed my journey with her, she reminded me of the importance of self care which with time I forgot! Every session felt genuine and super tailored to my needs. 

I really needed this and couldn't be happier to have worked with Jessica! I look forward to continuing my journey with her. 

Thank you for everything. It was such a fulfilling and holistic approach focusing on all that matters from mental well-being to nourishment! I also love how she made it fun and effortless giving genuine advice for not only me but my little ones also. :) 

- Layan

Working with Jessica has helped me understand the deep importance of patience when it comes to healing and nourishing my body.  She’s helped me realize that I’ve been mostly operating from a place of chronic stress and how that shows up and what that looks like in my body.  She’s provided me with useful information that’s helped me gently transform old habits and behaviors. Her gift comes in the form of her understanding and the passion she exudes in helping others. 


I’ve worked with many professionals over the course of my life, but working with Jessica has been different.  Different because, she gave me the tools and space to come to conclusions on my own all while being encouraging.  She’s also helped appease my nervous system by reminding me that it is okay - and more often than not, you just need to hear that it IS okay.  Healing truly begins when we can operate from a healthy space, and Jessica helped me see this.  I feel strong and supported in my food choices, and I'm really excited to embark on this new journey of self discovery.  

- Sherry

When I found Jess, I was looking for someone to help me get in touch with my body’s needs and understand nutrition better. But what I got from Jess was a completely holistic altering of my perspective on not just my nutritional health, but also my mental well-being. She helped me to see how interconnected my eating habits are with my overall mentality, and I have completely redefined what healthy means to me. She gave me tools to enjoy eating and take care of my body, and also the tools to get that negative, mean voice out of my head.


Her approach felt completely personalized and tailored to my needs. I love the ease, passion, and genuine empathy she brought to every session. The craziest part is that she made me feel like I deserved all the credit for all of my growth even though I don’t know how I could have done it without her. I look forward to working with her again!

- Kimberly

Jess helped me figure out how to deal with complex yet simple issues and obstacles that prevent us from progressing. Although we only worked together for a short time, and the conversations were casual and relaxed; they actually opened a couple of closed doors that I hadn’t noticed were stalling my development in terms of food habits or personal growth. Today I am more comfortable with my relationship with food, at peace with myself, and excited about the new progress and milestones. I look forward to working with Jess again in the future.

- Afnan

Honestly, there are no words to explain how much you helped me. You not only quieted my mind around food guilt and dieting, but you really allowed me to find it for myself. Before talking with you I tried every diet under the sun and was convinced I always had to change. Now it feels so liberating being able to listen to my mind and my body regarding what I actually enjoy eating vs what I don’t enjoy/doesn’t make me feel good. I am able to eat a variety of foods and meals without restricting and labeling them as good or bad. You really helped me clear up all the thoughts in my head and I am forever grateful. Also, I am able to appreciate the “not good” days too! So many things change but it’s allowing them to happen free of guilt and shame! Lots of love!!! 

- Isabel

After just the first session working with Jessica, I felt better from realizing that there is a different path forward to improving my relationship with food/eating and body image. Jessica is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive. Her approach is different from what I've known more traditional nutritionists and dietitians to take and in the best way. It is individualized and grounded in emotional and mental wellness, and therefore truly sustainable. I am so happy I have found such a valuable resource like Jessica!

- Erin 

I had an amazing experience working with Jess! I reached out to her to work on creating healthier habits in eating, meal prep, and body image. In just five sessions, she covered each item (and more) with compassion, insight, organization, and a very impressive bank of knowledge and experience. With each session, she provided thoughtfully-chosen practices, recipes, and tips that had a huge impact. Week by week I noticed issues I have been working on by myself for years start to shift and become healthier and more nourishing. 


In a time where wellness brands and social media seem to constantly try and sell you something to make you happier or complete, I have found many times where I am wasting money and time on things that ultimately make me feel less worthy and powerful. In my time with Jess, a truer wellness journey was explored. She guided me to find space for compassionate reflection, illuminating a broadened awareness. Within this new awareness, a new love for nourishing my body has been catalyzed and continues to expand even months after our last session. It has truly been a gift and I couldn't recommend more!

- Emily P.

Before working with Jessica, I had fatigue and brain fog all the time. I had tried many, many different types of restrictive diets to help me lose weight fast. And they did help me lose weight really fast, but the weight loss never lasted more than a few months. And I'd gain even more weight than I had lost. 

Working with Jessica helped me understand how my body works and reacts to not eating enough and restricting my diet. 


After being her client for 3 months, I'm more accepting of myself, I feel more energized and clear-minded all day. I'm also losing weight in a healthy & gradual way. Overall, I'm so appreciative of Jessica's subtle & loving approach in helping me understand the physiology of my body and the psychology of my mind. 

Thank you Jessica for helping me accept my body, mind & emotions. 

- Bahar

I've been working with Jess for the past 6 months and my wellness and self-love has transformed completely for the better. I came to Jess feeling so insecure and heavy - heavy-hearted and also in the physical sense. Jess helped me realize and overcome significant personal blocks that I didn't even know were holding me back like: feeling disconnected and the all-or-nothing mindset.


Jess's holistic approach helped me understand how all areas of my life integrate into my wellness. Now, I can confidently say that I trust in myself. In just our first session, Jess helped me define what wellness means to me and I immediately felt less overwhelmed and so empowered. It was so healing to learn how to tune in with my own needs.


Every session has offered me new tools and transformative breakthroughs. This was the best gift I could give myself this year - a personalized experience with someone to coach me through setting boundaries and allowing food to be simple AND FUN. Simply no regrets about investing in myself. I'm so grateful to work with such a skilled and well-rounded coach!

- Celeste

Working with Jess has been an absolute game-changer for me. I came to Jess really struggling with my nutrition and not knowing where to start, she took the time to understand my relationship with food and met me where I was at.

In our time together I went from no energy, eating out for every meal and operating from a place of stress & scarcity to cooking almost all of my meals at home, feeling empowered and capable to make the changes I wanted to make for myself.

Jess has a whole-body/mind approach that really incorporates everything from mindset to movement to minerals - she was able to support me on a macro & micro level! I could not be more grateful for the time I spent working with Jess, it changed my relationship with food, movement and my body. Eternally thankful for finding her!!

- Sarah G.



I help find the root causes of your health issues and create realistic nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you feel energized, regulate your hormones, build a healthy relationship with food, and make your wellness a priority.


The last Sunday of each month, we gather virtually in a small group setting via Zoom. There is a different topic each month, goal setting, and a Q & A. 

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