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Where do we begin?

Prior to our first session, I have you keep a food log with details of your digestion, day to day schedule, and more. This is our launch pad to look at where you’re CURRENTLY at - to steadily get you to where you want to be. I don’t believe in quick and drastic changes. Our work should add to the quality of your life and health - not make it more difficult. 

Together we create a plan based on your goals. I provide an individualized approach to help empower you to move from point A to point B in a way that is NOT stress-filled. I help you build habits that you have been longing to have but have felt stuck trying to reach on your own. 

What's included in your 3 month container?

We start with a 90 minute intensive so I can get to know you and your health history. I’m going to be asking you more questions that maybe anyone ever has about your health and lifestyle! This will give us our game plan on where to start. Theres 5 more hour long sessions after that. 

You’ll have chat access to me Monday-Friday. I am here ever step of the way on your health journey - you literally have a partner! If you have anything that comes up like any challenges, anything you’re working through, anything you want to celebrate - that’s what the chat is there for! 

We do a lot of dissecting MINDSET around food. We will also focus on your specific healing protocol for metabolism, hormone health, detoxification, lowering the stress response, calming the nervous system, and gut health. We finish each session with an area/s of focus for the next week that can be easily assimilated into your daily routine based off your goals. 

How will I know if I’m making progress?

Your body will tell you! Progress to me is any shift towards less stressing about food, being perfect, and less shaming for what we could view as a mistake. 

Progress looks different for everyone. The women I work with notice changes and improvements with digestion, skin, bloating issues, better energy, improved sleep, regular & less painful periods, and having regular bowel movements.   

All my clients see and feel shifts shortly after we begin working together. 

The one thing ALL my clients tell me that changes when we work together, is the major relief they feel with not being worried about their health 24/7. 


How they feel back in control of their body after years of feeling like they weren’t. How food feels easy and enjoying again and periods are feeling like a breeze. 

What’s your approach?

I use a root cause approach that's sustainable. Together we bridge the gap between hormone balancing and the nervous system. This is often the piece that so many women are missing. I also believe in a a zoom-out approach. Instead of looking at one particular habit and trying to “fix” it, we look at all areas of your life and how they could be impacting your health. Instead of covering up symptoms, I look at the root causes of your symptoms. We tackle the WHY behind symptoms by addressing the body systems that manage your hormones: the gut, liver, nervous system, and metabolism. Through analyzing your current state of health and needs, I’ll help you reach your goals that will feel good & doable. 

How soon can I start to see/feel a change?

The work we do together often involves healing years of metabolic and hormone dysfunction. Change takes time! The symptoms you are currently experiencing could be a result of years of stress on your body from numerous things. 

With many of the women I work with, within a month they already notice changes in their energy during the day, they feel less anxious, bloat and constipation are non existent, they can travel and enjoy dinners out without worrying how their body will react, and how their cycle and PMS can regulate even after a lifetime of 45 day cycles! It's not because they were perfect or followed a super restrictive diet. It's because they decided to commit to themselves and applied to root cause approach to their hormonal imbalances. 


These women work full time, have children, are students, travel, and some are dealing with major life transitions when they work with me like moving, loss, and changing careers. If they can experience these amazing changes with their health, so can you! 

How will I know if this right for me?

You know you’re ready for MORE. You know you’re ready to take charge of your hormones and health. 


You’re ready to feel confident with nutrition and have food feel joyful, not stressful. To know that your body is working for you and has the tools it needs to feel like your best self. To feel deeply present each day. To feel nourished in your body. To enjoy your life with your friends and family and give them the best version of yourself. 

Investing in your health on a different level than you have before creates a shift for major change - which then builds the momentum for lasting changes. 

What is it costing you being stuck in the same place you’re currently at 6 months from now? If you want to feel different and want different results - you’ll have to move differently! 

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