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Welcome! I am so glad you're here! 

Hey girl,

I'm Jess! I'm a certified holistic health coach, nutrition coach, and certified personal trainer based in Los Angeles. After working as a trainer for over fourteen years, I knew that the diet/fitness industry was not where women could find lasting healing to their health concerns. 

I am so passionate about my work because I once was running off stress hormones, and had no idea.


I would go from one extreme to the other with my health. I would binge then restrict. I would exercise like crazy then get so burned out I wouldn't leave the couch. I would obsess over eating perfectly, then go on the f*ck it diet and eat whatever I wanted. 

I struggled with binge eating for over a decade. I kept trying to fix myself and cover up my shame with a new diet. I dealt with chronic gut and skin problems for years after that. My healing began when I started to focus on regulating my nervous system.


I had to completely reevaluate what health meant and looked like for me. I decided it was time to take radical self responsibility for my health. No more diets. No more 30 day plans. No more cleanses or resets. I decided it was time to stop with the half measures and trends, and go all in with my health. 

And I am here to help you do the same! 

My mission is to empower women to take charge of their health and to create safety in the body. 

Taking care of yourself can be simple, stress free, and actually REMOVE stress from your life - not add to it! 

More deets on me:

In my free time you can find me sipping on a matcha, hanging out with my cat and fiancé, soaking up the sun at the beach, and rewatching Sex and the City! 


B.A. Psychology - California State University, Northridge

Integrative Nutrition Health coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Gut Health specialist -  Institute for Integrative Nutrition

200 YTT (yoga teacher training) - y7

Certified Personal Trainer - National Personal Training Institute

Certified Nutrition Coach - National Personal Training Institute



Crisis Text Line volunteer counselor

Holistic Hormone Workshop with Dr. Afrouz Demeri

Ongoing trainings in women's hormones, gut health, and nervous system work/somatic healing 

TRX and Kettlebell certified



During my teens and 20s, I struggled with depression and binge eating. After feeling at war with food and my body for years, I slowly started to take the steps to heal myself, and then my relationship with food.


Years later, an autoimmune condition began affecting my skin with large inflamed rash-like breakouts. I spent years going back and forth with doctors who had no idea what was wrong with me and just prescribed steroids and antibiotics.

I knew I had to advocate for myself if I truly wanted to heal by getting to the root of the issue. I found that nutrition, movement, and my nervous system were all connected. This inspired me to look at health, nutrition, and healing from a complete holistic point of view. I knew I wanted to begin to create the safety my body needed to heal.

Through education, changing my nutrition & lifestyle, and working with the right practitioners, and a lot of f*ing patience, I was able to heal at the root. But my journey isn't finished! I am still working on healing, one day at a time.


This is why I am SO passionate to help other women with their health struggles. My clients have so much more space to live their life with ease without being stressed or obsessed with food. Time & freedom. Less angst, worry, stress with food. More excitement with taking care of themselves. More energy to live their life and THRIVE! 


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