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How staying in fight or flight is impacting your hormones

How do you know if you're running off stress hormones?

For starters, symptoms like these will show up in your body:

- bloating

- food sensitivities

- constipation

- can't be still and do nothing

- poor energy

- irregular periods

- tired but wired at night

- anxious

- no appetite in the morning

- everything has a sense of urgency

If you're in constant fight or flight...

- excess cortisol lowers progesterone levels which impacts your metabolism, periods and thyroid

- fight or flight shuts down digestion, bile production, & stomach acid production

- the body will halt the production of sex and thyroid hormones to produce stress hormones

- your nervous system is often a mirror for your blood sugar: a spike in cortisol means a spike in your blood sugar

These functions need a rest & digest state. This means SAFETY in the body.

- detoxification

- digestion

- being present and calm

- sex hormone production

- adrenal health

- thyroid function

What does safety in the body feel like? You feel nourished and grounded. Your energy is steady all day. You feel present - not like you're just reacting to everything without any control. You feel assured in your nutrition, exercise doesn't feel forced, and you feel like you can set boundaries and say no to the things that aren't healthy for your wellbeing. I've seen my clients shift out of chronic fight or flight and it's amazing to not only see their digestion and cycles improve - but their self esteem and sense of calm.

I spent most of my childhood and as a young adult in fight or flight. I really had no idea what was going on. I thought it was normal to jump from diet to diet, be addicted to hard core exercise, get stuck in toxic drama filled relationships, and experience leaky gut and skin issues for years in my early 30's. Nope. None of it was normal. Being stuck in fight or flight was the core reason so many of my gut, hormone, and skin issues came to a head in my early 30's. It was also the catalyst for making some huge changes in my life with my health, relationships, and nutrition.

*hard truth time*

You can pop all the supplements, detox teas, probiotics and try every diet you want, but without regulating an overactive nervous system, your hormones can't balance.

A root cause approach to helping your body feel safe means you can stop running off stress hormones.

It means your body can feel safe enough to do its job and to PRIORITIZE digestion, sex hormones, liver health, & adrenal function. This is where your hormones can come back into balance naturally.

Your body wants to heal. You know it's possible!

Apply to work with me if you're ready to improve your digestion, regulate your nervous system and balance your hormones.


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