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5 ways I prepped my body to come off the pill

I was on the pill for almost two decades!! So many of my gut & skin issues were exacerbated by the pill. I was so afraid of the unknown & how my body would feel.

Fear kept me stuck for so long, until now. I knew I had to focus on the foundational work first. I did this for over 6 months, and I’m so glad I finally did.

Us women aren't taught about the impact the pill has on our hormones like increasing estrogen and halting our body from producing progesterone. So of course, we aren't taught that transitioning off the pill takes time and at least six months of preparation. I love helping my clients feel empowered to come off the pill and not stuck in fear about how their body will respond.

My first post pill period arrived exactly a month later & it was a breeze. My cycle has been consistent since. I still have work to do to build up my progesterone but I am so excited about the progress I've made so far.

The foundational work for hormone healing to come off the pill includes:

-optimizing digestion & gut health

-keeping your blood sugar balanced

-properly fueling your body & eating enough

-building stress resilience

-supporting your natural detox pathways

-supporting your thyroid with enough carbs, consistent meal times & sleep times

Here are 5 things I did to accomplish the above.

1) Daily Adrenal Cocktails: Adrenal cocktails provide your body with key minerals that easily get deleted in a stressed body. The whole food vitamin C, potassium and sodium will help balance blood sugar, replenish minerals that the pill depletes, help your cells access glucose to use for fuel, and supports hormone function. I drink 1 upon waking and sometimes another in the afternoon/during a workout. See here for recipes!

2) Ate more quality fat, protein and carbs:

  • Carbohydrates fuel our liver and cells. Fruit, potatoes, cooked veggies & raw honey were my stapes. This also ensures a variety of vitamins and minerals.

  • The liver REQUIRES amino acids via animal protein to do its job. Getting enough protein also supports progesterone production. I aimed for 100g protein per day.

  • Quality fats like saturated fats are literally what hormones are made of. Eggs and butter are great sources.

  • I focused on eating every 3-4 hours, which took time to get used to! Your body needs fuel to thrive and heal. Any kind of restrictive diet does NOT support your hormones.

3) Beef liver supplements: Beef liver is a hormone superfood in true bio-available form: vitamin A as retinol, D, E, K, B12, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Folate, Magnesium, Selenium, and other minerals! I found supplementing was much easier than trying to eat it. My favorite one can be purchased here.

4) Castor oil packs: Castor oil packs aid in detoxifying the liver and eliminating excess hormones and toxins in the body. Make sure to use hexane free castor oil, a natural wood cloth, and extra towels to clean up any messiness. Do not use when stressed, on your period, or if you're under eating. I implemented this 2-3x per week and have clients do this along with other detox support tools. You can find my favorite brand of castor oil packs here.

5) Less workouts: It's important your body is getting adequate rest and you're eliminating stressors. Exercise is wonderful, but it can add more stress to an already stressed body. I worked out no more than twice a week. I focused on weight lifting and quit long hikes and outdoor stair workouts.

If you're looking for a starting place to understand how to nourish your body for naturally balanced hormones on or off the pill - grab my Hormone Foundations guide!


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