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Nourish With Jess

Most exercise programs are all about what you can lose. Maybe that’s why your body is tired and sticking with a workout routine isn't sticking...

Extremes don't work long term. Intense workouts can't be sustained long term. If you've tried to workout to lose weight and get stronger, but find yourself constantly starting over, this guide is for you! 


With this guide you'll learn:

  • how your nervous system, stress, and exercise are all connected

  • why so many women get stuck when it comes to weight loss & why you gain weight back 

  • why strength training is the most effective way to support your metabolism & stabilize weight 

  • how to prevent injuries and workout safely

  • how to create an effective home or gym workout plan

  • the most common fitness mistakes I've seen and why they're harmful & keeping you from progressing 

  • how to properly fuel your body before and after each workout 

This guide contains over 20 pages covering 10 sections: 

1. The basics: stability, flexibility, & strength 

2. Understanding your body

3. Why strength training? 

4. Equipment

5. Maintenance first

6. Movement patterns including sample workouts

7. Common fitness mistakes

8. Getting over fear of the gym

9. Pre/post fuel

10. Weight loss 


*Disclaimer: This guide is not meant for the purposes of diagnosing, treating, or curing any diagnosed health conditions, diseases, or injuries. Contact a physician before beginning any new fitness plan. 

No refunds. No exceptions. 

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