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The healthiest coffee ice cream you've had in your life

So you've decided to get healthy and all you can think about are all the foods you have to give up. The cookies, pizza, fries, nachos...are you crying yet?! What are some foods you decided to give up or only have in small portions?

I love ice cream. If ice cream was a health food, I would be the healthiest person I know. If I got paid to eat ice cream I would have so much money I could buy all the ice cream in the world! I think I made my point.

I stopped eating dairy years ago when I went vegan. Luckily, there are so many dairy alternatives now that you don't have to feel you are missing out. Dairy kind of crept back into my life after moving to LA. Maybe I should say that pizza and breakfast burritos crept back in.

Currently dairy is officially off the menu for me which means no more ice cream. The amount of sugar in ice cream is really intolerable for the average persons digestive system and blood sugar! Plus, dairy for most people causes digestive issues!

Make way for my healthy, creamy, no dairy, low sugar coffee ice cream. I am constantly finding ways to make the food I love good for me. This one took a few tries but now that I've perfected it I can finally share it!

You will need either a Vitamix or a good quality food processor.


2 cups crushed ice

1 soft pitted date

2 tbsp almond butter - or more if you want to go crazy

1 tsp ghee OR coconut oil

dash of cinnamon

1 tbsp cacao nibs

1 tbsp hemp seeds

1 heaping tbsp maca powder

2 tbsp tocos (rice bran solubles)

1 tsp instant ground coffee - decaf if you don't do caffeine

I scoop of collagen

1 heaping tbsp raw cacao powder

*option to add date or maple syrup

There is no liquid - you just need to patiently blend until smooth. I know it all sounds like a lot. Trust me, this is worth it. What you get is a creamy ice cream like consistency that is packed with protein, filling, and won't give you a sugar rush. You can also add all the ingredients with half the amount of ice and 1/2 cup of almond milk if you only have a regular blender. You can omit the coffee and do some raw cacao powder. I promise you will get hooked on this bowl. Everyone I have made this for can't believe it's not ice cream.

Healthy coffee ice cream that's good for you? Those seven minutes it will take you to make it will be worth it!



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