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Your go to matcha guide!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

You guys know how much I love my matcha! I put together everything you need to know about choosing the right matcha:

Look for:

✔️Organic: matcha is heavily sprayed with pesticides.

✔️Origin: the highest quality is grown, harvested, and processed in Japan.

✔️Stone ground: a traditional stone mill was used in the production rather than a machine.

✔️Ceremonial grade: this means it’s from the first harvest leaves.

A few of my go-to’s are Jade Leaf, Matcha Kari, and Tenzo.

Once you open your matcha, store it in an air-tight container in the fridge. You don’t want any moisture or heat ruining it. When it comes to color, the brighter the better. You can use it up to 18 months from the date on the package.

Can I talk about the benefits of matcha now?! Matcha packs some major antioxidants! It’s also chlorophyll-rich so it helps your body detox from heavy metals. You get a steady release of energy minus the crash. The L-theanine in matcha helps to promote a calm state. I can drink matcha late in the afternoon and have no issues falling asleep!


1 cup homemade cashew

1 heaping tsp matcha

1 scoop collagen

1 tsp manuka honey

blended with 1/4 cup warm water

pour milk over ice then follow with the matcha!

You can use a traditional whisk - chasen, blend in a blender, or heat on low on the stovetop!



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