Where do we begin?

We begin where you’re CURRENTLY at to steadily get you to where you want to be. I don’t believe in quick and drastic changes. Our work should add to the quality of your life and health - not make it more difficult. 

Together we create a plan based on your goals. This plan is made up of several steps that can be incorporated each day to aid in your healing and wellness. 

What’s a session with you like?

We meet over Zoom or on the phone each week. We cover your food log (which is different from traditional food), areas of focus from the previous week, and how they were implemented in the current week. We do a lot of dissecting MINDSET around food. We will also focus on your specific healing protocol for metabolism, hormone health, detoxification, lowering the stress response, calming the nervous system, and gut health. We finish with an area/s of focus for the next week that can be easily assimilated into your daily routine. 

How will I know if I’m making progress?

Your body will tell you. Progress to me is any shift towards less stressing about food, being perfect, and less shaming for what we could view as a mistake. 

Progress also looks like less digestion, skin, and bloating issues. 

Progress is also sleeping more restoratively, having more energy during the day, and having regular bowel movements.   

Progress happens when you’re ready to stop sacrificing your needs, listen to your body, and do the damn work - all with my support. 

What’s your approach?

I take a zoom-out approach. Instead of looking at one particular habit and trying to “fix” it, we look at all areas of your life and how they could be impacting your health. We connect eating, sleeping, exercise, and everything in between in a way that fosters change from a place of love - not from a place of hate and frustration. I like ease, simplicity, and uncomplicated wellness and believe that it should be that way for each person I work with. With me, you’ll learn there’s no bad or good. Anything that doesn’t serve you just points us in the direction of finding what does. 


I haven’t worked with one person who didn’t feel a shift in how they thought about food which impacted how they ate, cooked, felt less guilty + confused, and most importantly enjoyed food within a few weeks. I focus on LONG TERM sustainable changes. 

Taking the guess work out of gut, hormonal issues, and digestive issues is huge for my clients. Often a huge contributor to these ailments was the stress of figuring out where to start, confusion on why this is happening, and integrating a realistic healing plan into their life. That’s where I come in. I help create an action plan to target your health issues based on your current lifestyle. 

What are some topics we could cover? 

  • Learning to listen to hunger cues

  • Creating a realistic self care routine 

  • Reading food labels and ingredients 

  • Proper digestion & nutrient absorption 

  • Hormone health 

  • How to increase energy 

  • Stress Management 
  • Ending “all or nothing” mentality with food 

  • Self-acceptance 

  • Digestion issues

  • Nourishing your body without being health obsessed 

  • How to enjoy food again 

  • Journaling basics & using writing to heal

  • Balancing blood sugar 

  • Movement without punishment 

  • Gut health 

  • Listening to yourself versus a diet for guidance

  • Stopping comparing your body to others  


Anywhere from two to six months. It really depends on the client. I leave it up to them. 


You are in the driver's seat. I am in the passenger's seat to support you and show you a different route. I show you that YOU are responsible for your health. You have all the healing tools within you. Once a client feels this shift, we can part ways until we follow up down the road if they choose.