Peanut butter protein balls

If you put a Reese's peanut butter cup in front of me when I was younger, it would be gone in 2 seconds. Since my palette has matured and I no longer eat foods that are high in sugar, or foods that are as addictive as crack, I've found ways to reinvent what I used to love.

I stopped buying protein bars this year since they were all starting to look and taste like the same processed little bricks I've been eating for over a decade. Enter the protein ball. The perfect size for a snack or dessert and fun to make. You'll need a food processor for all my balls. I love using a cookie scoop since it will ensure all your balls are the same size but it's OK if you don't have one! I will be posting a lot of protein ball recipes. Chocolate peanut butter protein balls. You can swap out the peanut butter for almond butter if you want! But why would you want to?As with buying anything, check the ingredients of your peanut butter! There should only be one ingredient: peanuts (organic if possible).

make them:

6 large soft pitted dates

3 heaping tbsp raw cacao powder

2 tbsp chocolate protein powder of choice - I used Tropeaka boost protein

1/2 cup raw walnuts

1/3 cup peanut butter

dash of salt Place everything in the food processor and blend until it looks like fine crumbs or "dirt". The trick to know if you have the right consistency to make your balls stay together is to press the mixture up against the side of the food processor. If it sticks, it's perfect. If it falls off the side immediately, then add more peanut butter or another date. You can also add a tiny bit of coconut oil instead. Use your cookie scoop or a spoon to measure out one ball. Squeeze firm and roll into a ball. There you go. Now do that until the mixture is gone and place the balls in the fridge for an hour at least. They taste much better cold. Enjoy! JN

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